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Laparoscopic Hysterectomy is the best technique for the purpose of removal of uterus in cases of fibroids, cancer of uterus, large ovarian cysts and severe endometriosis. Dr Amita Shah is one of the best and very senior gynaecologist and laparoscopic surgeon for the hysterectomy or uterus removal surgery in Gurgaon, India.


Dr Amita Shah is one of the best gynaecologist in Gurgaon for doing Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation Surgery or Hysteroscopic Tubal Ligation. This surgery is required by females who do not want to have further pregnancies and are averse to other temporary contraceptives.


Ectopic Pregnancy is an emergency which must be handled by a qualified gynaecologist at the earliest to prevent any long term damage to the health of the female. This is a life threatening condition and the patient's family must also understand its criticality.


Dr Amita Shah is considered an authority on the prevention and treatment of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or PCOD as it is commonly called. She has done pioneering work in the field of treatment for PCOS in Gurgaon, India.


Menstrual Disorders - Heavy bleeding or no bleeding during periods can be caused by hormonal imbalance in the female body but could be due to some other underlying health condition. Dr Amita Shah is one of the topmost gynaecologist in India for the treatment of all kinds of menstrual disorders.


Cesarean Section Delivery or C-Sec Delivery requires very high level of training and experience on the part of the gynaecologist. The incision on the abdomen should not be visible and the incision on the uterus should not weaken its strength. Dr Amita Shah is one of the best gynaecologist in Gurgaon for doing Cesarean Section Deliveries.


Normal Delivery should always be the preferred choice for any gynaecologist or the hospital. Normal delivery has huge advantages for the health of the mother in the long run. Dr Amita Shah has been championing the cause of Normal Delivery in her entire career of more than 20 years.


Infertility in couples can be due to the problems in male or the female. Proper diagnosis and right treatment are the cornerstones for success. Dr Amita Shah is one of the leading infertility specialist in Gurgaon who is trained in doing Laparoscopic Surgery for Infertility problems in the females.


Uterine Fibroids can be treated medically as well as surgically. When surgery is the preferred option then one must explore the chances of getting it done Laparoscopically. Dr Amita Shah is one of the best Gynae Laparoscopic Surgeon in India for doing Myomectomy or Hysterectomy.


Smaller ovarian cysts may not require any treatment but larger cysts may have to be removed through surgery which is best done laparoscopically. Dr Amita Shah is one of the best trained and experienced gynae laparoscopic surgeon practicing in Gurgaon, India.


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